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About Us

Joyce Knox
Mother & Holistic Intuitive

Spiritual Heritage

I was raised and deeply influenced by the matriarchal leadership and mentorship within my family.


My grandmother was known as a respected spiritual advisor within her community. People traveled from afar to receive the spiritual gifts of her fervent and effective prayers; knowledge of healing herbs; and clairvoyance.

Early Intuition


As a child, I began experiencing my own spiritual encounters through dreams, extra sensory perception, and clairvoyance.


One of my most vivid and powerful experiences included a direct spiritual encounter with an angel in my bedroom as a young girl.  These experiences seemed very normal and natural to me, based upon my family upbringing.


I was very fortunate to have my abilities nurtured by my grandmother. She taught me the importance of learning to live a holistic lifestyle and how to incorporate my spiritual gifts as part of my wellness regime.

Community Influence

My mother played an integral role in modeling my desire and responsibility to actively serve my community. 


She was a staunch advocate of community engagement and education programs within underserved communities.

I went on to be spiritually inspired to implement a series of education and empowerment programs for women and children for over 15 years. I also became active within my holistic and wellness communities by hosting annual community health fairs. 


 Positive Messaging 

Today, I am once again being spiritually inspired to provide an array of holistic and intuitive services through Connect2Holistics. Offering guidance, healing and positive messages of hope.

We invite you to join us as we embark upon a wonderous journey of empowering self-discovery and enlightenment. 

Joyce Knox

Joyce Knox, CEO


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Joyce Knox
Mother & Holistic Intuitive




Anthony Knox
Certified Holistic Coach 
Connect 2 Holistics - Anthony.png

Anthony Knox is Holistic Coach for Connect2Holistics. 

He has studied comparative religion for over 20 years and has inspired himself to live a holistic lifestyle mentally, physically and spiritually according to ancient tradition.


Knox practices the arts of kundalini reiki, herbology and is studying to become a Certified Holistic Coach. Kundalini reiki is the channeling of the earth’s energy through the bodies energy centers (endocrine glands) or chakras to heal oneself or others.


His goal is to help re-establish the spiritual arts of ancient indigenous cultures to help heal humanity. 

Anthony Knox
Certified Holistic Coach 
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