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Shop our merchandise below to support Connect2Holistics and the Arts!

Connect2Holistics - 3Way Flier.jpg

Featured Artisans:
3 The Art Way

We formed a creative and collaborative partnership with artisans of 3 The Art Way, to design a signature T-Shirt for our first merchandise collection.

Love Life T-Shirt

Our Love Life T-Shirt was commissioned and designed by the talented artisans of

3 The Art Way.

Connect2Holistics - Aunt T-Shirt Image.jpeg
Love Life white on black.jpeg
Connect2Holistics - Jennifer T-Shirts.jpeg

Love You More T-Shirt

Our Love You More T-shirt was lovingly designed by my daughter Jennifer Rayford.

Connect2Holistics Coffee Mug

Start your day off with a calming cup of coffee or herbal tea in our signature Connect2Holistics ceramic coffee mug. Promote holistic health and wellness!

Connect2Holistics - Coffee Mug.jpg
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