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Beach Banquet

Intuitive Readings

The purpose of intuitive readings are to receive information, to release blocked energy, past trauma, tapping into past lives, working through hardships, assisting a client to understand their journey and live their best life. No two readings are alike and every reading is unique and highly individual. Some may ask, where does this information comes from?. I am a spiritual clairaudient which means I receive information from Spirit Guides, Higher Self or God within. I have the gift which enables me to perceive energy that is not in the physical. I don’t necessarily need cards, however I sometimes use them for guidance. Intuition is the highest form of intelligence and is derived from your highest self. We are Mind, Body, Spirit and we are also energy. This energy encompasses us and guides us throughout our lifetime:


Our rate is $75.00 per hour.


Spiritual Coaching


Spiritual Coaching can give you the insight to recognize blockages, resolve challenges and work through life’s hardships.   


So often, we continue to repeat the same negative experiences, coaching can offer you the tools to problem solve and move forward.


In addition, you’ll be able to make decisions and choices not based on fear, but with confidence, strength and knowledge. You will also know how to implement these tools to attract the lifestyle you desire.


In life there must be a balance, we help you find that balance using holistic wellness. Everything is spiritual.  What we think is indicative of what we attract to our lives.


We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

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Our rate is $75.00 per hour.


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We will explore the different techniques of meditations and you will be given the opportunity to practice. Meditation is a very powerful tool that is used to get in touch with your higher self. Daily meditations and constant affirming will strengthen your higher selfhood and confirm your realization that you are never alone.  You are constantly being guided to understand your journey through holistic health and wellness. 

Yoga at Home



Meditation (continued)

Once that is accomplished you will be able to attract love, success, peace, joy and prosperity in every sense of the word. Going within is the key. In order to understand your life and discover your passion, you must be inwardly and outwardly aware. Meditation is not a religion, philosophy or lifestyle.

Introductory Price is Free

Yoga Practice


Back Massage

   Reiki Sessions


You will enjoy sound therapy, crystal therapy, and guided meditation. As a result, your will reconnect to universal life forces. Our Reiki Sessions will leave you feeling rejuvenated and energized.


Our rate is $100.00 per hour.

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